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Soultalk is a talk show created by Wura Grant, that premiered on V1075 Atlanta Radio in 2019.


Hosted by Wura Grant the show features leaders, entrepreneurs and game changers across the globe from every discipline and culture sharing key strategies and ideas.


Soultalk with Wura was birthed with the sole purpose of amplifying the message of her guests, such that listeners can connect with people who are shaping our world through meaningful, engaging, and entertaining conversations.



Parenting Without Yelling | Soultalk With Wura

Parenting Without Yelling | Soultalk With Wura

Remi Makanjuola on SOULTALK WITH WURA. She is the Founder of Grace To Parent and the creator of Graceful Parenting, a holistic approach to positive parenting backed by science and rooted in faith, that rids you of the frustration and guilt that comes with ineffective discipline and equips you with the exact tools and strategies you need to yell less, connect more and create a culture and legacy of love for your children. Remi Makanjuola is a parenting educator, family life coach and business strategist on a mission to influence social outcomes by building and strengthening positive family systems. Remi is the convener of the Thrive Parenting Summit; a conference for the modern parent, The Family Ball; an elegant banquet that honors and celebrates family values, and the host of Gather and Grow; an intimate gathering that empowers women for thriving families. With an MBA degree and over 12 years of entrepreneurial experience, Remi has established herself as a strategist and business advisor for unique brands looking to service women, wives and mothers. She is also a Montessori trained educator. Remi is a sought after speaker, influencer and author who has been featured on platforms such as The Guardian, BellaNaija and Black Moms Blog. Through the Grace to Parent online community, she reaches over 20,000 people weekly with winning parenting strategies. In addition, she is the creator of Family Scripture Time – a 52-week devotional, the host of the Grace To Parent Podcast. She is a wife and mother of three precious children. In her spare time, Remi enjoys swimming, bicycling and spends quiet evenings with her family. #soultalkwithwura #wuragrant #parentingwithoutyelling
The Significance of Singleness | Soultalk With Wura | Michael Moorer

The Significance of Singleness | Soultalk With Wura | Michael Moorer

Hello Community!!! Welcome to Soultalk With Wura. You are currently watching: The Significance of Singleness | Soultalk With Wura | Michael Moorer Be sure to subscribe, so you don't miss a post! Please subscribe to our Channel: ►►SUBSCRIBE: What was the last book you read? How many books have you read about singleness? There are a lot of books that touch on things involving couples. Some talk about friendship, some talk about marriage, but not a single book about singleness. Perhaps there hasn’t been a book that you came across that talked about why being single is important. Today we are interviewing Michael Moore in Soultalk with Wura who wrote The Significance of Singleness. Let’s understand his perspective of writing this book from his own words. Michael Moorer has committed his life to serve God and humankind. A pioneer of destiny, Mr. Moorer is a man of worship who operates with high moral standards. He is also a creative, mentor, entrepreneur, and author of several books, among many other talents. God's calling on Michael's life is further solidified in his work, aiding other creatives, as well as those who are broken, lost, depressed, or may wrestle with an identity crisis. He shares on Soultalk on his new book "The Significance of Singleness". Chapters: 00:00 Introduction 00:56 Interview with Michael Moorer 02:39 Mr. Michael tell us a little bit about yourself 03:35 Can you tell us what was the book that you read 04:35 Can you tell us a little bit about your background 07:42 How do you know that there's a calling on your life 11:11 How did you get started in topography 15:00 The meant of this interview I really want to talk to you about this book. 18:12 What you meant in that chapter too 23:40 How do you know that you're not dating haphazardly 27:17 How do you know that she is the one 31:45 You talk about giving yourself permission to find yourself 34:47 How to become something before you're even in it with marriage 36:22 Can you share where we can get access to the old book and the one you just released Watch more related videos: Parenting God's Way | Toyin Opaleye: Keep Your Eyes On The Ball | Soultalk With Wura: Parenting Without Yelling | Soultalk With Wura: Please LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, and COMMENT so that we can continue to create valuable content for YOU! ►►SUBSCRIBE: Website: www.soultalkwithwura Twitter: @soultalkwura Instagram/Facebook: @soultalkwithwura Thank you for being here! Stay Safe and Healthy, Soultalk With Wura #Thesignificanceofsingleness #MichaelMoorer #WuraGrant #SoultalkWithWura #single #entrepreneur #author #photography

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